Sunday, August 28, 2016

How to make $30 a month with Swagbucks in 5 minutes a day.

How to make $30 a month with Swagbucks in 5 minutes a day.

By 5 minutes I am referring to the time it takes to do the NOSO and the Daily poll, as well as start the video playing apps but am not including the time it takes to watch the videos because once they are on you can place your device anywhere and they will play with little need for you to actually spend time watching them (although they do get paused now and again so make sure to check on them from time to time) .
Once downloaded use the toolbar one time a day for one point.
1×3o=3o Swag Bucks
If you join Bing Rewards right now they are offering a 500 Swagbuck code for 475 points. On average you can earn 16 Bing Rewards per day.
16x 30= 480 which converts to 500 Swag Bucks
1×30=30 Swag Bucks
2×30=60 Swag Bucks
You need to download the Swagbucks toolbar or make the Swagbucks homepage your homepage or do both (I do both). Then  use these for entering all your online searches and  you can randomly win Swag Bucks. I earn anywhere from 100 to 200+ points a week this way.
100X4= 400 Swag Bucks (on average)
These short films run continuously and allow you to earn 40 points per day (my previous Swagbucks earning plans say 50 but it dropped recently to 40) . Warning they do sometimes pause so you will have to check on your device from time to time to make sure they are still streaming.
40x 30 = 1200 Swag Bucks

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Are you upset due to ban in torrent sites in India?

Do you like to watch movies online?

Searching for a website where all new release from across the world is available in one place?

Don't worry your search will end here. You can watch all movies in below damn website.

 I am not sure who is running this website and whether it is legitimate. 

All Hollywood and Bollywood movies are available here after few days of their releases. 

Just enjoy the movies until some agency ban it and send its owner behind the bar.

Make Money Online

Make money online

Today I was just looking for some online job if I can make money in my spare time or something for my wife to do when she is free at home.
I visited many websites and found different types of jobs like online survey job, typing, data entry captcha typing etc.,

After 2 hours search, I realized either online jobs are scams or extremely difficult to make money. People can make money online but they have to work for hours to get pennies. However I found one interesting portal where one can easily make money. Let me correct myself, one can make money with less difficulties and it is legitimate.

Swagbucks is a site that allows you to earn cash/rewards in a variety of ways.

They’re Legit

Because of the nature of sites like this, there are always people quickly labeling things a scam. I was also afraid but after googling it. I did not found a single negative review
And I just want to set the record straight that it is not a scam.
Here are my reasons why they are legit:
To signup on this site click here
  • The company began in 2005, so they have been around a LONG time in internet years.
  • They have 1,800,000 Facebook fans (that’s got to say something).
  • People have received multiple paypal payments from them as well as Amazon gift cards.  To me the #1 thing that makes a scam is something that takes your money, and these guys definitely pay.

6 Ways To Earn Cash/Rewards

Swagbucks are the “currency” that the site uses which are essentially worth 1 penny each depending on which cash out option you choose.  There are tons of ways to earn Swagbucks – but these are the top ones:

1. Shopping Via Their Site

You can go to and then click to your favorite store in order to earn rewards.  They pay out swagbucks for every dollar that you spend at any of the stores they offer.

As you can see above pays out 3 swagbucks per dollar spent.  So a $100 purchase at Amazon would yield 300 swagbucks – essentially 3% cashback on your purchase just for clicking their link before going to Amazon.
If this sounds too good to be true, it isn’t.  The reason they can do this is because Amazon pays them a commission for people they refer and they are just passing some of that referral fee to us.

2. Searching The Internet

You can earn by just using their search engine instead of Bing, Google, or Yahoo.

Their search engine is actually powered by Yahoo, so you should be seeing the same results you would see if you used the Yahoo search bar.  The earnings per search appear to be random, so you never know exactly how many you earn for each search, but either way the best way to utilize this is to:
  1. Make it the default search engine in your browser
  2. Install their browser extension
If you do this, then you won’t have to think about it at all and will be earning all day long as you search the internet.

3. Taking Surveys

This is probably the quickest way to earn a lot of Swagbucks.  It looks like you could earn up to $9/hour doing this.  They have a bunch of surveys that pay about 300 swagbucks and take about 20 minutes.  If you can complete them in less than 20 minutes you may be doing even better.

4. Watching Videos

Yep, believe it or not they will pay you to watch videos.

They have these main categories for you to watch:
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Food
  • Music
  • News
  • Home & Garden
  • Pets & Travel
As much as some folks dream of watching TV for a living, that probably won’t happen with this as they limit you to earning only 150 per day.

6. Refer friends and you will get 10% of your earning.

If you want to give a try to this website. Please click at below link and sign up. It is very easy just udpate your email id and generate password. 

It is very simple you join from my referral link and I will refer you to better survey and will share ideas to earn more

Cashing Out

So once you have earned some swagbucks, you can cash them out.  The best deal going (IMO) is a $5 Amazon gift card for 450 swagbucks.  At this rate your swagbucks are worth more than 1 cent each.
But there are tons of different gift cards or other rewards you can get, including cash via a Paypal transfer.

Final Thoughts

I think anyone can benefit from signing up with Swagbucks, even if all use is their search feature, you will be slowly but surely be earning and getting some cash/rewards each year that you otherwise wouldn’t.
For teenagers wanting to make some money, or Stay at home moms, I think using some of the methods listed above, you could make a little extra cash on the side.  While taking surveys all day isn’t glamourous, it sure beats digging ditches for minimum wage 😉