Saturday, October 15, 2011

Munni bhi mani or Sheela bhi mani

Hello friends, Today, Sat. Oct. 15 201, I am going to share a true story how a political party prepare for election. Around 09.30 P.M. I was coming back from my office to my room. I am staying at bhangel which a town in Noida. When I came down from bus, I heard a noise coming from back side. It was mixture of song " Munni badnam hui jalim tere liye " and roar of a politician of Bhartiya Janta Party. I met a familiar person and asked him about the noise. He replied me that Mr. Ashok Pradhan and Mr. Rajnath singh were addressing people in Karwa chouth. I saw crowd in opposite side of road. I went in my way. After 30 min., when I was going to Ganesh Bhojnalaya for dinner. I heard song " My name is Shila......Shila ki Jwani". I was enjoying good music coming from large size speakers. when I reached near by tent I saw " many worker ( karya karta ) of BJP were dancing. After couple of minutes, M.P. of Gautam Budh Nagar came in stage and start criticizing Mayawati and all work of Mayawati. He said " Before election Mayavati promised, hathi chadhega badbashon ( criminal ) ki chhati par lekin election ke baad badmash chad gaye haathi par or haathi chhad gya ham sab bholi bhali janta ki chhati par ( Elephant will crunch criminals but after election all criminals ride on elephant and elephant stamp over all innocent public".
To be continued...........

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